Stonefish Digital will work with you to identify opportunities to deliver growth to your business through Mobile and Digital customer acquisition.

This is consistently delivered under the framework of three pillars all underpinned by strategy:


Whilst we live in a digital age where the onset of AI and machine learning have been hugely beneficial in driving cost efficiencies for businesses, it is my belief that people remain central to the success and growth of organisations within our industry. I have a wealth of experience in designing and building teams, managing structural change and fostering an environment in which people can thrive. In order to optimise the output you must optimise the input. I work with you to understand and identify the right mix of talent and skillsets for your business and the right structure in which to deploy this


There has to be focus on the process to deliver a market leading output. Operational optimisation will allow your teams to spend more time doing the things they are best at and that gives you a real differentiator in market. The specialisms that now exist in digital can lead to inefficiencies or discrepancies in collective outputs. I will work with you on consistent taxonomies to ensure you get the most effective cross team results to ensure the product is winning


The end result is what we are all measured on. It will dictate your profit, your fees, your revenue. What is the goal your business is trying to achieve? How can you ensure your product is market leading? Where should we be engaging our customers? What is your differentiator? What levers can we pull to drive effectiveness? What are your competitors doing? These are just some of the questions you need to be asking and I will help you deliver the answers


Reach out so we can work together start to deliver you more customers