I have over 15 years experience driving customer acquisition for some of the worlds biggest clients.


Over the last 15 years I’ve seen the digital landscape evolve at an unrelenting pace….

… and with that has come opportunity; adapt to grow. The reality though is that this opportunity is often at odds with the default approach, if it isn’t broken, no need to fix it. I’ve worked in some of the industry’s biggest media agencies and with the major players in performance, leading the digital output for some of the world’s most sophisticated clients; Amazon and Facebook included. Change isn’t easy but I firmly believe that by thinking differently, interrogating the value in traditional processes and challenging the norm, there is much more companies can be doing to extract incremental revenue from their business.

What we will do

Stonefish Digital will work with you to identify opportunities to deliver growth to your business through mobile and digital customer acquisition. Depending on your needs the approach can take different forms – from operational and product audits and development of a strategic growth plan to in-house deployment or longer-term advisory relationships.

What services we provide

Marketing Strategy

Paid Media

Pitch Consultant

Creative Strategy


Fraud Audit